They’re Back!

They’re Back!

by Rev. Wayne Curry, Minister of Pastoral Care

After a long break, several important ministries are starting once again, and they are great places for YOU to get involved in the life of your church:

Prayers and Squares. Do you like to sew? This group makes beautiful prayer quilts for Trinity members and friends who need a special “comfort wrap” as they go through difficult times in their lives. The quilts are placed on the altar on Sunday morning, and all are invited to pray for the individual.

Trinity Chefs. Do you like to cook? This group meets in our church kitchen and has a wonderful time cooking delicious meals for Trinity members and friends who need a special “comfort meal.” The meals are frozen and are made available to anyone in our church family.
Helping with Funeral Receptions. Do you like to serve? Often following a funeral at Trinity, the family requests a reception in Moor Hall or the Parlor. This group makes the punch and light refreshments and then serves as hosts during the reception.

Disaster Team. Do you like to help? This team gets together to help in times of natural disasters in our area. When Hurricane Michael came through several years ago, this team went into the affected area and cleaned up debris in homes and yards, did some minor repairs, and gathered clothing and other items the victims needed. It’s important that we have this team organized BEFORE a disaster strikes!

So you see there’s a place for YOU! Contact waynecurry@tumct.org and let him know where YOU want to be involved!