Helping People Make a Clean Start

Helping People Make a Clean Start

by Warren Cave, executive director of the Clean Start Initiative

My name is Warren Cave. I’m the executive director of The Clean start Initiative, a non-profit based out of Tallahassee, Florida We assist people with obtaining a clean start in life to impact their family, community, nation, and eventually the world. I’m a husband, father, grandfather, businessman, community leader, and minister. I’m also a proud member of Trinity United Methodist Church here in Tallahassee.

The earlier years of my life were troublesome. I had major addictions problems. I spent four years in the 10th grade. I was in and out of jails and prisons and eventually became homeless. I received my GED in 1989 while in prison at Avon Park Correctional Institution. I met Jesus in the backseat of a police car on 6/3/97. Since then, I have done seven years at a Bible College, and I have a master’s degree in theology. I have taken numerous leadership classes and strive to learn and grow daily.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped countless men and women return from jail or prison, pursue and get a better relationship with God, have better relationships with their families, get employment, higher education, overcome addictions, start businesses, etc. More importantly, others and I have helped to reduce recidivism.

Thanksgiving giveaway at Pace Center for Girls

Trinity United Methodist Church has played a great role in the increasing success of this ministry. Pastor Nick Quinton has partnered with me in such a mighty way. I have had the privilege of having four men’s conferences, AA feet washing, and shoe giveaway, a couple of backpacks and school supplies giveaways, Christmas toy drives, Thanksgiving giveaways, feeding the homeless, etc.

School Supply Drive

I also have office space to have meetings at the church. Over the last year a lot of my energy has been directed at assisting inmates with a plan of action to succeed upon returning to society after being incarcerated. I’ve partnered with Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Department of Corrections to assist inmates with having employment within 72 hours of being released.

In October we’re having a men’s conference and re-entry summit. We plan on helping 150 families with Thanksgiving turkey and meals. In December, we plan on helping the kids from Pace Center for Girls, CCYS, Promise Land Ministries, and Families In Transitions with Christmas gifts. I do not receive government funding; I do not receive a paycheck or salary. I have been blessed to have donors help me to help makes this world a better place as we bring honor and glory to God.

Men’s Conference

If you have a loved one incarcerated or who has been incarcerated, who is dealing with addictions or needs great mentoring or a great support group, then have them contact me please at warrentcave@hotmail.com. If you would love to donate and use it as a tax write-off, you can make checks or money orders made out to the Clean Start Initiative.