The Flood

The Flood

by Irene Gonzalez, Director of Youth Ministries

Possibly sent by carrier pigeon from the Underground:

A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. The mission trip was a success… and we survived a flood. Unfortunately, the underground and part of the preschool did not make it. In the middle of the night, a pipe burst in one of the preschool rooms. Gravity did its thing, pulling the water through the floor and into the Underground below. Because of the damage, our youth group cannot use our usual meeting spaces until the repairs are completed. You may have noticed us popping up in random places all over the church. Right now, we are using whatever space is available for UMYF, Sunday School, Confirmation Class, and our Wednesday night Bible Study.

Everyone here at Trinity, from staff to church members, have pitched in whenever they can. Our Preschool Director, many of the Preschool teachers, and our Sextons helped us pull things out of the water; even while it was still dripping from the ceiling. Our Technical Director is letting me use his office (which is incredibly small so this is incredibly generous). Our children’s director came down and helped sift through the wreckage, while I sniffled because of whatever is making it smell down there. Our adult leadership team and lay leaders have let us use their space. We could probably write an entire Tidings issue on all of the work our Facility Director has had to do.

An insurance claim was filed and we are grateful for a favorable settlement that will allow us to renovate the underground. We are so hopeful that the repairs will be done quickly. We are praying that this is an opportunity to improve the space where our youth spend so much time and create a place that is even more inviting than it was before. We have several fundraisers coming up, and we would be so grateful for whatever support you could give us. We will need help cooking, serving, and eating chili. If you drink coffee, please consider buying it from us later this year. There also may be some stickers and t-shirts in the making.

If you see Dr. Nick Quinton and Amy Leach, take a minute to thank them for donating the arc! And when I say “arc,” I am talking about this poster but also all of the rooms they have made available for us to use.