Fifty-Year Marriages

Fifty-Year Marriages

by Wayne Curry, Minister of Pastoral Care

A number of years ago when we were doing a lot of renovations around the church, we decided to renovate both the Bride and Groom Rooms. They turned out beautifully, and we have had many compliments from newlyweds. To decorate the walls, we invited members of our church who had been married 50 years or more to give us a wedding picture to frame. We thought it would be a wonderful way to inspire future brides and grooms! We quickly filled up the Bride’s Room, and we now have begun to fill up the Groom’s Room.

We know there are many more fifty-plus year marriages in our congregation, and we want to continue this tradition. If you have been married 50 years or more, we would love to have one of your wedding pictures, preferably 8×10. We will have it nicely framed with your names and the date of your marriage as seen to the right. If you have any questions, contact Wayne Curry at waynecurry@tumct.org or just bring your picture to the church office.

Sam and Mary Margaret Rogers, June 28, 1958

The 50-year marriages that now grace the walls of the Bride and Groom’s Rooms are:

Reid and Annie Laurie Nunn          June 6, 1936
Harvel and Olwen Dawirs         September 3, 1944
  Josh and Nell Morse             May 28, 1946
Led and Oberly Brown            August 31, 1946
Julian and Jeanne Hamilton          December 24, 1946
Wayne and Margie Mixon          December 27, 1947
Bob and Linda Yates             June 19, 1948
Parker Lee and Velma Ruth McDonald  December 17, 1949
Dick and Joyce Peters           February 18, 1950
Buddy and Lillian Byrd          November 22, 1952
Austin and Rebecca Hollady          August 9, 1953
Theo and Martha Ann Proctor     November 17, 1953
Orson and Eleanor Smith         June 20, 1954
Jim and Liz Smith               August 21, 1954
Jim and Peggy Parkey            August 26, 1955
Harry and Nancy Waugh           May 19, 1956
Dalton and Tenilla Allen            July 29, 1956
Sam and Mary Margaret Rogers        June 28, 1958
Ron and Gail Hock               August 12, 1958
Jim and Betty Ashlock           August 8, 1959
Marshall and Donna Frinks           June 15, 1960
Warren and Judy Goodwin         January 27, 1961
Gerald and Mason Harris         October 30, 1965
Bill and Judy Levy              June 10, 1966
Bill and Germain Fritchman          April 15, 1967
Lynn and Julie Pararo               June 19, 1971