50 Reasons to Love Trinity Preschool

50 Reasons to Love Trinity Preschool

by Stacey Duggar, Preschool Director

As we continue to reflect on 50 years of Trinity’s preschool, I decided to gather 50 reasons worth celebrating!

  1. Gold Seal Accredited for the past 15 years (since the inception of the Gold Seal Program)
  2. High quality teachers; all lead teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Small class sizes; our teacher-to-child ratios are much less that the standard set by the Department of Children and Families.
  4. Teaching children to pray is a meaningful part of our day. (Ask about our yearly prayer booklet!)
    We plan our days with developmentally appropriate activities with an emphasis on fun while learning.
  5. Children in the two, three, and four year old classes go to chapel each week where the Director of Children’s Ministries teaches a bible story and shares some time together.
  6. A long-standing tradition of sending home Corduroy (a stuffed animal bear based on the book series of the same name by author Don Freeman) with a student for the weekend to have an adventure together!
  7. Large, spacious, and naturally lit rooms make for an inviting environment.
  8. Thanks to a generous donor, we have an iPad in each classroom so that we can play music throughout the day or view a short video clip that relates to our lesson plan.
  9. Thanks to a generous donor, we have an iPad in each classroom so that we can play music throughout the day or view a short video clip that relates to our lesson plan.
  10. BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS! We have over 3,500 books in our school library!

  1. We are blessed to have enough markers, crayons, glue, glitter, and any other craft supply you can name!
  2. Our shared playground is the nicest one in all of Tallahassee! Did you know that the basketball backboards are able to be cranked low for the preschoolers and then back up to standard height for our youth?
  3. We are preschoolers on a mission! We have collected for Toys for Tots, participated in coat drives, collected items for snack packs, and collected donations for the local pet rescue shelter.
  4. Traditions are important; we have been sending home a cross-stitch ornament for our 2-year-old children since 1999! (In memory of Mary Blackburn)
  5. 50 years old and we have had only three directors! (Mary Blackburn for 23 years, Nancy Duncan for 8 years, and me! I have been director since 2004!)
  6. Motorola Walkie-talkies help keep us in communication and safe at all times.
  7. We walk to the Fire Station Number 1, Leroy Collins Library, The Challenger Learning Center, and the Florida Capital; we are lucky to be close to these enriching facilities.
  8. Special programs for Moms (Luncheon) and Dads (Donuts with Dad) are always fun.
  9. We provide free speech and hearing screenings conducted by graduate students and faculty from Florida State University.
  10. We spread the love by sending Valentine cards to our Veterans.

  1. Church music directors have conducted music class for preschool for at least 30 years.
  2. We bring in Healing Hearts, a music therapy group, to sing with our infant and toddler classes.
  3. Graduation and end of the year parties are always a special time!
  4. Children are given many opportunities for creative expression; the proof is in the massive amount of glitter, glue, and paint that goes out the door each day!
  5. The longevity of employees is remarkable – our longest employed staff member began in 1984!
  6. Our photo albums are a treasure; we have a picture of every child who has attended TUMP.
  7. Advocacy is important to us; a staff member from the preschool has been on the board of directors of UMAP, CPA, ELC, and Early Learning Leon for the last 30 years.
  8. We are safe and secure; cameras and monitor were added in recent years and have made a huge impact.
  9. Parents have access to the school during business hours and do not have to rely on someone admitting them into the building (Before key fobs, parents had to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to let them in.)
  10. Class pets are a great way to learn about all of God’s creatures; our list includes a turtle, butterflies, gerbils, hamster, fish, ladybugs, ants (that is not a joke!), and we even hatched chickens one year!

  1. God’s love shines through all of the 19 staff members who work daily with the children.
  2. Wednesdays in the summer = Sno-cones and water days!
  3. While some of our contemporaries offer full time care only, we provide many options for parents including half day, full day, and 2, 3 or 5 days per week.
  4. A more recent event is Cookies with Santa, a community event held in conjunction with the City of Tallahassee’s Winter Festival each year.
  5. Each staff member is trained in First Aid and CPR.
  6. It is a joy to sing each December for the members of United Women of Faith (formerly United Methodist Women).
  7. Our school is cleaned and sanitized nightly.
  8. Our staff take 24 hours of in-service courses per year (the state only requires 10, but as a Gold Seal School, we have opted to require more training per year).
  9. We developed our own curriculum.
  10. The preschool has brought many families in to become church members.
  1. We have former preschoolers who are now parents and have enrolled their children here!
  2. Friendships that began at preschool have resulted in lifelong relationships!
  3. Fun Friday is the place to be! Local performers, therapy dogs, and the FSU Women’s basketball team are just a few of the groups who have come to play on Fun Friday!
  4. We have a long history of immense support from our Preschool Advisory Board.
  5. Through the years, we have offered extracurricular classes such as Spanish, French, dance, soccer, and gymnastics.
  6. Just walk into the school and you too will feel the joyful and welcoming environment!
  7. We have a scholarship fund to help currently enrolled parents who have lost a job or who are facing financial issues.
  8. Our teachers take the time to tailor goals for each child in our care.
  9. At the end of their 5th year, our kids are certainly kindergarten ready!
  10. Introducing Jesus to the kids is the greatest blessing of all.