2024 Executive Church Council

2024 Executive Church Council

Thank you to all who went through our nominations process and agreed to serve.

Church Council Chairperson: Paula Smith
Church Council Recording Secretary: Diane Bower
Church Treasurer: Robert McDonald
Financial Secretary: Laurie Atteberry
Lay Members to Annual Conference: Marti Chumbler, Stewart Fleming, Linda Fleming (alt.)
Lay Leaders: Marti Chumbler, Kathy Drake
Membership Secretary: Dawn Adams
Interpreter of Connectional Giving: Laurie Atteberry
Campus Ministry Representative: Steve Kleuver
Camps and Retreats Representative: Irene Gonzalez
Children’s Home Representative: Renee White, Glen Squire
President, Women in Faith: Sandy Frazier
Staff Parish Relations Chairperson: Susan Koehler
Finance Committee Chairperson: Benson Green
Board of Trustees Chairperson: Appointed in January 2024
Nominations and Leadership Chairpersons: Rev. Dr. Matthew M. Williams, Kathy Drake

A full list of executive and advisory committees can be found on our website or by contacting the church office.