Upcoming Music Ministry Events

Upcoming Music Ministry Events

Mark your calendars for some exciting events coming soon!

by Yuliia Billa, Director of Music

Save the Date

Looking a little ahead of time, I would encourage you to save some important dates in April. Steel Pans at Springtime in Tallahassee – April 1st around noon, Palm Sunday – April 2nd, Maundy Thursday – April 6th, Easter – April 9th, Orchestra Sunday – April 16th, Children’s Musical – April 30th. All these services have extremely interesting music and a strong message of God’s word.

Steel Pans at Springtime Tallahassee

For many years, our two Steel Pans groups have played on the church steps during Springtime Tallahassee. This year, it’s Saturday, April 1 and the time is around noon. Because of Covid, we couldn’t make it three years in a row. We missed it very much. For now, we have left only one group, combined from the previous two, which is called Sacred Pans. We are very excited to develop this group again and make a joyful noise with such unusual instruments. We will play arrangements of sacred music for Steel Pans. So, come to the corner of Duval Street and Park Avenue around noon that day and cheer us on!

Chancel Choir Preparing for Orchestra Sunday

April 16, at the 11:00 a.m. service, a 27-member professional orchestra will accompany the choir and the congregation. This is a once-a-year event. This time we will perform favorite hymns with arrangements of famous composers such as “Bound for the Promised Land” and “How Firm a Foundation” by Mack Wilberg, “For the Beauty of the Earth” by John Rutter, “Anthems of Love” by Dan Forrest, and “This is My Father’s World” by Craig Courtney. Our singers are very excited to share with you music that is full of love and joy.

Play Drums

We are looking for two to three people who would like to become our church drummers on a regular basis. Yuliia will provide individual training and will help to learn the necessary techniques on African drums like djembe or congas and some auxiliary drums like shakers. This can be some youth, older child, or adult person. The most important thing is that you should love it and be available to play with Chancel Choir, Children, or other instruments. Interested? Come and ask. Maybe we are looking for you.

Voice Lessons with Miss Yuliia

Would you like to sing in the church? Yuliia is looking for people who would like to learn how to sing and participate in church services. It can be a child or youth of any age. We can meet for lessons on a regular basis or just random vocal sessions in preparation for songs for services. You can sing alone as a soloist, or with your best friend, or even three or four friends could join in one song together. We can work on some little solos with the Children’s or Chancel Choir. Ask Yuliia for details. Everyone who has a voice can sing if they have a desire to it! Do not wait!

If you have questions about anything related to our Music Ministry, feel free to reach out to Yuliia at ybilla@tumct.org