Time to Celebrate!

Time to Celebrate!

By John Harris, Chair of the Bicentennial Campaign Committee

In April 2017, the Trinity Steeple Committee, led by Sam Rogers, Sr., was established to raise funds to repair our church steeple.  With support from many Trinity members, all funds needed for the repair were received within six months.  It was a surprising and exciting accomplishment!

Recognizing there were many other long-needed Capital improvements at Trinity, and after experiencing the success of the steeple campaign, a new committee was formed, the Capital Campaign Committee.  Their task was to fundraise to complete needed capital improvements in time for the 200th Anniversary in September 2024.   

The Committee began its work in November 2017, asking Trinity’s staff to submit a list of capital needs for the Trinity campus.   Once the list of needs was compiled and costs were estimated, the challenge was accepted.  The Capital Campaign Committee began its work.  In addition to pastors and staff, the dedicated members agreeing to take on the challenge were John Harris, chair, Susan Thomas, Benson Green, Sam Rogers, Paula Smith, Lawton Langford, Beth Langford, Richard Wise, Russ Morcom, Bill Gunter, Chris Kraft, Beverly Burleson, Harry Hanson, Chip Huggins, Eddie Long, Amber Pendleton, Brian Smith, Glen McDuffie, and Marti Chumbler.  

In honor of Trinity’s 200 years of faithful service to our community, in September of 2023, the Church Council voted to reserve 10% of all funds raised during the formal campaign be allocated to a special community project to be determined by the Missions Committee.

The Capital Campaign Committee set an ambitious goal to raise $1.2 million to fully fund all the projects approved by the Board of Trustees. Today, praise God, all the needed capital improvements are in progress or have been completed.  The members of Trinity supported these improvements with pledges and gifts.  As of March 8, 2024, we have accomplished the goal and look forward to finalizing the financial challenge with $1.6 million in continuing pledges or gifts expected in 2024.  

With your generous participation, this list of projects will be completed for our 2024 Anniversary:

1. Entire exterior of Trinity UMC repaired and painted.

2. Installation of new chiller for the HVAC system.

3. Entire sanctuary repaired and painted, including the windows and window shutters.

4. The Chapel has been repaired and completely repainted.

5. The carpeting and flooring in the sanctuary and chapel have been replaced.

6. All pews in the sanctuary and chapel have been refurbished.

7. The pews in the sanctuary have been redesigned to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

8. The carpeting on the first and second floor have been replaced.

9. The kitchen is in the process of being redesigned and remodeled, with new paint, stainless steel cabinets and surfaces, fixtures, and new appliances. This work is scheduled to begin later this month (May 2024).

10. The Memorial Garden has been greatly enhanced with the addition of a pergola, fans, landscaping, new fountain, and sound system.

11. A new wrought iron fence has been installed in the courtyard adjacent to the education building for additional security.

12. New wiring has been installed for dependable WIFI service.

13. New LED lighting throughout entire building.

14. Upgrade to camera and fob systems.

15. A permanent outside commemorative plaque of 10 + 2 Commandments message for foot traffic walking by Trinity will be installed.  Completion date to be determined.

16. Approximately $13,000 has been set aside to be dedicated to a special community project, pending the recommendation of the Missions Committee. 

The Capital Campaign Committee has now completed its work.  All capital improvements approved by the Board have been fully funded, in addition to a wonderful slate of activities occurring throughout our 200th celebration.  Also, a special project, to be determined, will take place in the community.  Trinity’s 200th Anniversary is well celebrated!  Thank you, Trinity members, for your continued love and faithful contributions as we head into our next 200 years!