Sing or Play This Summer!

Sing or Play This Summer!

by Yuliia Billa, Director of Music

This summer, we have lots of possibilities for church members, especially if you are not a part of any music groups or choirs.
Non-Commitment Summer Choir. Plan to meet for 30 minutes for choir rehearsal right before the service on Sunday morning to sing during July-August Services. These are simple favorite hymns, low range, not difficult and good for people who have never sung in the choir but are willing to try. Some singers from Chancel Choir will be available to support you and be section leaders. Please sign up for a Sunday when you are available. This is your chance to serve the church and do some singing without a long-term commitment.
The sign-up sheet is in the choir room on the piano. Just write your name under the date of your chosen Sunday and come at 10:30 a.m. to the choir room for practice in the morning. Sign-up is required.

Musicians. We are looking for musicians or singers to participate during services in June-August. It can be duets or small ensembles, and help with repertoire is provided. Adults who will play Orff instruments who have never played them. Simple songs with supportive and clear instructions will be provided. Rehearsals are based on the availability of musicians.

Participants at Bluegrass Sunday – July 30th. We are looking for musicians who are willing to join the Bluegrass ensemble and who are available to play guitar, banjo, mandolin, or upright bass on July 30. Please contact Karalee Poschman for more details kposchman@yahoo.com.

Please contact Yuliia Billa (ybilla@tumct.org) for details or sign up for the desired group as soon as possible because some places are limited. It is time to make plans. Do not wait.

New Members in Trinity Music Worship
Are you NEW to our church? Are you a professional or a good amateur musician? We NEED You! Come and sing or play your favorite song! The summer is a time for welcoming everyone willing to serve the church through music. Please get in touch with Music Director Yuliia Billa (ybilla@tumct.org) for more details about music service in Trinity, especially if you are considering joining on commitment bases.

Thank You for Your Ministry in Music
Before we will proceed into the summer and make new music plans, we would love to thank ALL musicians who made amazing music worship in the previous months. The Celebration of Praise Sunday, steel pans playing, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter, Orchestra Sunday, and the children’s musical. We did work hard but with great love, pleasure, and a huge desire to glorify our God with the best music. Everyone did a fantastic job!!! Thank you all!