Ready, Set, Renovate!

Ready, Set, Renovate!

by Brett Ingram, Facilities Director

Trinity is undergoing a facelift! We are well underway in the preparation of looking good for celebrating Trinity’s bicentennial in 2024. Right now the interior and exterior of the louvered windows in the sanctuary are undergoing repair and rejuvenation. A fresh coat of paint is being applied, and the resealing of the window panes is just one step in this project. The exterior of the sanctuary has already been washed and cleaned, and the portico, steeple, and most of the exterior trim have a fresh coat of paint. The wood molding has been removed in several places and has been taken to a millworks for duplication. The next step is to move our attention to the chapel to give it the same treatment.

Future plans being discussed are new carpeting and flooring in the nave under and around the pews, new carpeting in the hallways, and a fresh coat of paint in the hallways and some classrooms. In the upcoming weeks, the plan is to have the exterior of the education wing of the building cleaned and painted as well.

The youth area is also undergoing plans for new paint and furnishings. In addition, the preschool will be getting a new coat of paint in preparation for their 50th anniversary. Thank you to all of the members generously donating to make this project happen. Come see the excitement!