Preschool Happenings

Preschool Happenings

by Stacey Duggar, Preschool Director

Another year begins for us at the preschool, our 49th to be exact! We are ready for a new group of kids as well as some new faces on our staff. New to the preschool, but hardly new to the congregation, is Lisa Prasse. Lisa joins the preschool as a teacher in one of our three-year-old classrooms. Lisa brings with her an abundance of experience working with children, and we are looking forward to her gifts being put to use with us. We have some new teacher assistants who will also be joining the staff; please join me in welcoming Silvia Villagomez, Lexi Davis, and Allison Corrigan.

Other staff news to note is the marking of 10 years of employment by Jennifer Hopgood. Jennifer has worked in both the two and three-year-old classrooms and does an amazing job with our kids! I am finishing up 25 years at the preschool! I taught in both the two and three-year-old classrooms before assuming director responsibilities in 2004. It is a joy and honor to lead this ministry.
All in all, we have 22 staff members working in the preschool providing a loving and nurturing environment for 75 children, aged three months to five years old. We welcome your prayers as we begin another school year.