Church Playground Gets a Facelift

Church Playground Gets a Facelift

by Stacey Duggar, Preschool Director

We are so fortunate to have a beautiful outdoor play area at Trinity. This playground is used by many ministry areas in the church, including the preschool, children’s ministry, and the youth program.

The surfacing underneath the main play-structure was first installed in 2009 and has definitely shown its age. Prior to 2009, we had mulch underneath the structure, and with every rainstorm, the mulch would wash away to the far corner of the playground. Our neighbor preschool’s playground mulch would also run down into our playground causing a real mess! Thankfully they amended their playground, and we installed the rubber mats, thus alleviating the mulch mess that we had for many years.

After 13 years, it was time to replace the rubber mats. Our lead pastor thought it would be a fun team-building exercise if we removed the surfacing ourselves. The bonus was that this saved us $4000 off the cost of the new installation! It was hard work, but after 4 ½ hours, we were victorious! (Exhausted, but victorious!)

After some rain delays, the new pour-in-place surface was installed, and we are looking forward to many years of safe fun on our beautiful playground!