Church Council Minutes Report

Church Council Minutes Report

Staff Parish Relations Committee Report, Part I, given by Susan Koehler, SPRC chair to the Church Council Meeting on March 19, 2023

Director of Music: Yuliia Billa began serving as Trinity’s Director of Music on January 1. SPRC approved minor changes to job descriptions for Director of Music and Organist as Yuliia and Viktor adjusted the assignment of responsibilities for each of their roles.

Staff Evaluations and Salaries: We normally review Staff Evaluations in the fourth quarter of the year, and from there, we make recommendations for proposed salary increases. As Rev. Dr. Williams was new to us and didn’t know the staff well, we voted to delay staff evaluations until spring, when pastor evaluations are done. Rev. Dr. Williams would like to use a different format for staff evaluations than has been used in the past. He and SPRC have discussed the new format, and the final document is in the works.

In light of the change in when evaluations are to be conducted, we looked at employees who had been here prior to last year and had not yet received salary increases, and we made adjustments. That included sextons, nursery employees, Director of Discipleship and Adult Ministries, the Adult Ministries Assistant, and the Facilities Manager. In light of the fact that we have had a significant amount of turnover, and the fact that with our lower-wage employees we are constantly trying to keep up with the increases in minimum wage, we have concluded that salary increases were warranted to remain competitive and retain our valuable staff.

Rev. Dr. Williams has been working with SPRC to finalize a new organizational chart for supervision, and we are close to finalizing it.