Accessibility Build Ministry: Helping Those in Our Community Facing Limited Accessibility

Accessibility Build Ministry: Helping Those in Our Community Facing Limited Accessibility

Accessibility Build Ministry completes another project in our community

January Update

On January 21, 2024, 15 of Trinity’s Accessibility Build Ministry (ABM) volunteers gathered at the home of the Smith family in our community.  The goal was to improve this family’s quality of life by building safe access into and out of their home so that they could have the freedom to enjoy their home and surroundings.  This Saturday project also provided an opportunity for volunteers that are not able to participate in our monthly third Thursday projects.  

Our volunteers worked into the early afternoon to complete the project which consisted of three separate components.  We started the day by removing deteriorated deck boards from an existing deck off the rear of the home which was unsafe for use by family members.  Once the old boards were removed, the support structure underneath could be evaluated and “beefed up” to support the new deck boards.  Our volunteers quickly went to work with hammers and nails to secure the new 14 ft long boards.  The steps coming off of the deck also had to be rebuilt to allow family members safe access to their back yard.

At the front of the house, a new set of half steps with handrails was built of off the existing landing to allow family members with diminishing accessibility, safe entry into and out of their home.  Upon completion of the project, family members expressed their gratitude to Trinity United Methodist Church and its accessibility build volunteers who are living the call to be “the hands and feet” of Jesus. 

Helping those in our community facing limited accessibility 

February Update

Trinity’s Accessibility Build Ministry (ABM) team has again gone out into our community and completed a project that will help a homeowner who is experiencing mobility challenges.  This project included building a landing with a set of half steps that will enable the homeowner to use a walker and give him the freedom to enter and exit his home safely.  Nine of our dedicated ABM team members showed up with smiling faces ready to measure, cut, sand, and assemble the pieces that produced the structure that you see in these pictures.  

Living independently at 96

March Update

Last month’s Accessibility Build Ministry (ABM) project was requested by the family of a 96-year-old Tallahassee resident.  This resident wanted to stay in her home and continue living independently.  Safe access in and out of her home were essential in this regard.  The solution was to build a set of half steps off the side of her front porch.  You may ask what half steps are.  Simply put, the rise on a half step (4”) is half the rise of a standard step (8”).  This helps persons with limited leg and joint strength to navigate the steps with much less effort and minimize the chance of a trip or fall.  Half steps also have deeper and wider step platforms which enable persons using walkers or rollators safer access in and out of their homes. 

Join the team!

If you know someone seeking greater independence or safer accessibility, please contact Ray Diaz at raydhhs@msn.com. You can become a part of this ministry by joining Trinity’s ABM volunteer team and helping us to build half steps and wheelchair ramps for people in our community. No experience is neces­sary to join the team, only a willing heart for helping others. You can also support this ministry by making a dona­tion using Trinity’s online giving and clicking on the Accessibility Build Fund MN-ABM.