2023 Leadership Council

2023 Leadership Council

This is a list of newly elected church council members who will be serving in the coming year. These individuals are nominated and confirmed at the annual Charge Conference. Trinity is grateful for the leadership, expertise, and wisdom of our council members!

Church Council

Church Council Chairpersons
Chair: Matt Foster
Vice Chair: Paula Smith

Church Council Recording Secretary
Cynthia Smith

Church Treasurer
Robert McDonald

Financial Secretary
Benson Green

Business Administrator
Laurie Atteberry

Lay Leaders & Members to Annual Conference
Jonathan Leach
Marti Chumbler
Alternate Member to Annual Conference: Dan Drake

Membership Secretary
Dawn Adams

Interpreter of Connectional Giving
Laurie Atteberry

Campus Ministry Representative
Steve Kleuver

Children’s Home Representative
Renee White and Glen Squire

President, Women In Faith
Sandy Frazier

Staff Parish Relations Chairperson
Susan Koehler

Board of Trustees Chairperson
Judy Green

Nominations and Leadership Chairpersons
Rev. Dr. Matthew M. Williams
Kathy Drake

Church Council Leadership Committees

Committee on Staff Parish Relations
Chair: Susan Koehler

2023: Andy Harrison, Steve Kleuver

2024: Ruth Ann High, Cindy McDuffie

2025: Pam Epting, Holly Hunt, Eric Hand

Committee on Finance
Chair: Benson Green
Ex officio: Robert McDonald

Palmer Williams
Stephen Shiver
Lee Nichols
John Thomas

Danny Blanco
Brent Chumbler
Emily Waugh
John Harris

Benson Green
Bill Gunter
Jim Campbell

Bicentennial Fund Committee
Chair: John Harris

Susan Thomas, Paula Smith, Chris Kraft, Edna Bennet, Sam Rogers, Beth Langford, Russ Morcom, Benson Green, Bill Gunter, Lawton Langford

Stewardship Committee
Chair: John Harris
Ex officio: Robert McDonald

John Hamilton
Jerry Parrish
Michael Duclos
Marilyn Duclos

Brenda Menendez
Alli Wagnon
Palmer Williams

Garrett Robinson
Linzy Foster
Jimmy Richerson

Investment Subcommittee
Chair: Nan Hillis
Capital City Trust: Seth Clark & Jeremy King

Lawton Langford, Brantley Henderson, Lee Nichols, Judy Green, Jim Campbell

Board of Trustees
Chair: Judy Green
Ex officio: Robert McDonald

Heath Annin
Chris Duclos
Lawton Langford

Susan Thomas
Rita May
Tanya Hollady

Judy Green
Laura Rogers
Alex Anderson

Committee on Nominations & Leadership
Chair: Rev. Dr. Matthew M. Williams
Vice-Chair: Kathy Drake

Cynthia Smith
Lisa Prasse
Sally Huggins

Cindy Donelan
Barbara Hynes

Jonathan Leach
Holly Francis
Candace Duclos

Additional Ministry Leaders

Committee for the Preservation of Church History
Chair: Rhonda Work
Committee Recording Secretary: Cecile Baker

Linda Yates, Pamela Crosby, Cecile Baker, Dot Binger, E. Lynn McLarty, Mary Margaret Rogers

Certified Lay Servants (Charge Conference)
Chairs: Diane and Steve Jacobs

2022 Report of Retired Clergy
Rev. Victor Willis, Rev. Dr. David Hortin, Rev. Barbara Hynes, Rev. John Willis, Rev. E. Wayne Curry, Rev. Jim Mitchell, Rev. Dr. Robert M. Gibbs

Children’s Ministry Leader
Candace Duclos

Youth Ministry Leader
Sofia Fernandez

Christian Education Leader
Dr. Nick Quinton

Creation Care Ministry
Arnie and Linda Rogers

Disability and Accessibility Concerns
Rev. E. Wayne Curry

Social Justice Ministry
Tisha Keller

Anti-Racism Representatives
Catherine Altmaier
Marti Chumbler
Rev. Barbara Hynes

2023 Advisory Committees

Preschool Advisory
Chair: Jennifer Kekelis

Melissa Scalzi, Jessica Field, Laurel Rigg, Jennifer Kekelis, Kelly Smith, Chelsey Falb, Jesse Hinojosa, Rodney MacKinnon, Claudia Machado, Brittany Yazdanpanah

Music Committee
Chair: Warren May
Choir President: Jennifer Hopgood

Jennifer Hopgood
Meg Hilaman

Warren May
Carol Marchant
Ann Jenkins

Kathy Drake
Pat Gilleland
Karalee Poschman

Youth Council/College Age/ Young Adult Ministry
Sofia Fernandez
30-40s Ministry
Chair: Brian Durham

Adult Ministry
Chair: Marti Chumbler

Lay Academy Planning
Chair: Jess Cloud
Vice Chair: Sean and Diane Bower

Chair: Sally Huggins

Local Missions
Chair: Pat Bevis
Vice Chair: Lyn Bevis

World Missions
Chair: Jayne Mittan
Vice Chair: Jaqui Griffith

Health and Wellness
Chair: Beth Curry
Vice Chair: Amy Leach

Shepherding/New Members Ministry
Dawn Adams, Dr. Nick Quinton, Amy Leach, and membership sponsors

Altar Guild
Chair: Mary Ann Moore

Communion Stewards
Lead: Ann Parker

Chair: Bill Hilaman
Vice Chair: Joe Miller